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New phone for Android users by Android maker

Essential phone is a new high end smartphone ,which was designed by the same person who contributed in the creation of Android.

What makes it different from already existing tech giants apple & Samsung.

Here are the unique features of this phone:

141328-phones-news-feature-essential-phone-price-release-date-and-everything-you-need-to-know-image5-3GxkIw6rMTphoto: Essential.

1) LOOK AND FEEL : It has edge to edge display covering the whole front side of the phone . It also has the premium quality materials like ceramic ( on the back ) and titanium ( on the edges ). This makes this phone more durable.

2) PORTABLE 360° VIDEO CAM : It also has world’s smallest attachable 360° video camera with 4k quality , which should be bought as accessories to the phone.

IT ALSO HAS FEW DRAWBACKS : It has no 3.5 mm headphone jack  and water resistance.

Price : $699 for the phone and $749 with 360° camera included . At present available for pre-order only in U.S.


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