OLA – you are doing it wrong!!

Ola cabs  is an Indian taxi hailing app which is competing with the international company Uber in Indian market.  The plans that they are executing are very very different. Ola mostly focuses on the customers , by giving them offers , free rides e.t.c. Coming to it’s rival focusing on drivers , it stopped giving offers to customers and giving good incentives to their drivers . If you are a customer and choose ola because of offers then you will save money but not time.This is due to less cabs are available in peak hours. What will we do with a free ride if there are no cabs available to take us on time.The drivers who took great incentives at the time of joining as a ola driver are changing their minds and joining Uber. If ola pursue to implement this strategy, it will definitely follow the fate of Nokia and Kodak.


Do you like this smell?

Photo : travel blog

The earthy smell produced when rain falls on dry soil. It is the smell most of us like. When I was a child , I used to think that it is the smell of rain drops and  used to give the credit to sky but later realized that it is the scent coming from the kisses given by  sky to earth out of love. Farmers also always awaits  for these kisses not to smell this scent but to get the life out of it as plants by dropping the seedlings of trust to the soil .By this we can say ” Life begins when love meets the trust “.

Do you know the name of this smell…..

‘ petrichor ‘ which refers to the fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods.



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New phone for Android users by Android maker

Essential phone is a new high end smartphone ,which was designed by the same person who contributed in the creation of Android.

What makes it different from already existing tech giants apple & Samsung.

Here are the unique features of this phone:

141328-phones-news-feature-essential-phone-price-release-date-and-everything-you-need-to-know-image5-3GxkIw6rMTphoto: Essential.

1) LOOK AND FEEL : It has edge to edge display covering the whole front side of the phone . It also has the premium quality materials like ceramic ( on the back ) and titanium ( on the edges ). This makes this phone more durable.

2) PORTABLE 360° VIDEO CAM : It also has world’s smallest attachable 360° video camera with 4k quality , which should be bought as accessories to the phone.

IT ALSO HAS FEW DRAWBACKS : It has no 3.5 mm headphone jack  and water resistance.

Price : $699 for the phone and $749 with 360° camera included . At present available for pre-order only in U.S.